“We recently had the pleasure of having Jermaine conduct his impactful workshop “Fostering An Inclusive Workplace Environment” for our UMKC TalentLink students. Not only is Jermaine’s enthusiasm unparalleled, he was able to fully engage the participants in activities which challenged us to shift our points of view by looking at people and situations from a different lens. It emphasized how even the smallest of changes in circumstances and attitude can greatly impact overall outcomes and results.

Jermaine is able to deliver powerful insights and tools which can be immediately incorporated into both our professional and personal lives. I highly recommend Jermaine to any group or individual who wishes to further their professional development and knowledge/awareness of the individual roles we play in diversity and inclusion.”

Candice G. Haines, SHRM-SCP

Director of Business Development & Continuing Education

“I had the pleasure of attending Jermaine’s workshop on Fostering an Inclusive Workplace Environment. From the very start of the workshop, Jermaine’s passion for and knowledge on this subject was evident. He not only created an engaging and interactive environment for attendees, but was able to create a safe space in which we felt comfortable being our authentic selves and sharing real examples and stories. He shared knowledge and new perspectives that I had not yet encountered in other DEI trainings. It was refreshing to have new insights and actionable advice on a topic that can be very complex and difficult to break down in tangible ways. Because of Jermaine’s workshop, I’ve been able to help implement and advocate for more inclusive practices and interactions at my company. Thank you, Jermaine!”​

Alex Carnahan

Director of Student Success
Centriq Training

“Jermaine has an innate way of connecting with people that is unmatched. His ability to create authentic and memorable experiences as well as relationships is invaluable.”

Victoria Behnen

Human Resources Manager | SHRM-CP
Zancanelli Holdings, LLC